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bible restoration - dissertation binding - thesis binding and book bindingIt's almost a forgotten art.  But, at The Book Craftsman, hand book binding, family Bible restoration and the rebuilding of old and valuable books continues in the quality and tradition of the past.

Your memories can be preserved  for generations to come. Whether it is your treasured volumes--or YOUR words gathered into YOUR book--we can make that book available to future generations.

For your convenience, this can all be done from your home. You can order by printing the order form. Electronic email transmission of manuscripts to us is also possible.

Please note: On the left margin you will see a listing of the areas of work in which we specialize and The Book Craftsman's Content Policy. Each selection is complete in itself. For example, if you were to click on Custom Book Binding, you would see pictures, a definition and a description of custom book binding ideas. Look for the selection box in the upper right-hand corner, where you can click for:

It is always interesting to view our gallery of recently completed work. (The gallery has pictures of Family Bible Restoration, Book Restoration, Dissertation Binding, Thesis Binding, and examples of Custom Binding).  You may do this by clicking on the Book Gallery where the pictures can be enlarged to display the before/after images.  Remember, our Specials change from time to time. Check these often for special discounts.

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